Nottingham Osteopath expert in shoulder pain
Nottingham Osteopath expert in shoulder pain

Terry Emery Osteopath Nottingham 

Expert in the treatment of shoulder pain, back pain and neck pain.

Terry Emery Osteopath back pain expert. Gemma Gilbert

"Terry's understanding of anatomy and his ability to find the root of your problem is amazing! After 10 years of back pain and headaches, I'm now on the road to recovery. I've now recommended Terry to all my friends and family." Gemma Gilbert, West Bridgford.

Osteopath headache treatment Hands on headache treatment.

Headache treatment.

If your headache pain is precipitated or aggravated by specific neck movements or sustained postures and it's originating from the base of your skull or neck with the headache radiating to your forehead, eyes, temples or ears then you may have a cervicogenic headache and Osteopathy could help you.

Mechanical headaches are very commonly successfully treated by Osteopathic medicine as well as Sciatica or other nerve related problems, joint pain including arthritis, muscular pain and sports injuries as well as acute or chronic back, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, ankle or foot pain.

Shoulder pain expert Nottingham Osteopath Julie Whitehouse

"At last after seeing therapist after therapist someone who has actually managed to treat and relieve my shoulder pain. Terry Emery my new favourite Osteopath!" Julie Whitehouse, Birmingham.


Terry Emery is a local Nottingham Osteopath. Osteopathic treatments massage muscles and move joints using different levels of pressure, speed and resistance, effectively treating shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain and other disorders like sciatica, carpal tunnel and headaches of a mechanical nature.


Osteopathic treatments utilise hands on techniques to diagnose, treat and prevent injury and illness, identifying structural areas of the body that are not functioning as they should, possibly causing muscle spasm, connective tissue damage, restriction of blood flow, soft tissue irritation, degeneration, nerve compression and pain.


The body is capable of self-regulation, self-healing and health maintenance. The rationale of Osteopathic medicine is to try and remove possible barriers that may be preventing this from happening, optimising a patient’s health by considering all the components of the human structure as well as, lifestyle, stress and diet therefore enabling the body to eliminate disease and dysfunction.


Osteopathy is a natural way of reducing pain without the use of pain killers, focusing on finding the root cause of the pain not just masking the symptoms. Every day conditions like shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain and sciatica are commonly resolved by Osteopathic treatment.


Together we will be able to find the best approach to recovering and maintaining your health. Treatments are based on individual therapy programmes which are arranged as you require them. 


Osteopath home visits Nothing is as healing as the human touch - Bobby Fisher
Osteopath home visits Terry Emery. Neil Meekings, London.

"I'm a physical therapist and gym enthusiast, for over a year now I have had a constant dull ache and tightness in the left side of my back with neck pain and headaches. Id tried to rest and do rehab exercises but every time I landed on one leg it would set it off again. I could kick myself for not getting it seen to sooner, it was sore for a while but after three treatments my back and neck pain, was completely resolved."


Terry Emery Nottingham osteopath The making of a world champion Isabelle Bramhall elite athlete


Terry Emery has been working exclusively to rehabilitate and treat double World Racketlon Champion Izzy Bramhall.

Izzy had a partial knee replacement, involving 3D printing and also an elbow arthroscopy after suffering from elbow and knee pain. Thanks to Terrys therapy and Izzy’s determination, she has won 3 World Championship Medals and the European Seniors Tennis Championship.

Izzy said, “Without the care and expertise of Terry at Moore Osteopathy, none of these successes would have been possible”.

“He totally understands what I need, uses various techniques and always makes me feel like I can perform to my best ability”.” But most of all he offers hope and positivity, which, when you are in pain and injured is what you need to carry on”.

“Terry makes such a positive difference to both my physique and well-being, that’s why I go every week to see him”.



Osteopathy First Appointment

£60.00 60min
Osteopathy Follow Up Appointment
£40.00 30min
Home visit.
First Appointment
£65.00 60min
Follow Up
£45.00 30min

End shoulder weakness!

Mobile Osteopath Emery therapy expert in the treatment of back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain.

Terry treats patients at Moore Osteopathy at the following times:

Monday         13:00-20:00

Tuesday        13:00-20:00

Wednesday   13:00-20:00

Thursday       13:00-20:00

Saturday       08:00-14:00

Home visits are available on special request.

07954 375565

Home visits Moore Osteopathy 128a Melton Road, West Bridgford, NG2 6EP.

About Terry Emery BOst

Terry Emery Nottingham Osteopath Home visits available Terry Emery Osteopath

Terry has a degree in Osteopathy and Diplomasin  Soft Tissue Manipulation and Remedial massage. He has been interested in training and nutrition from an early age and has trained many times a week in various sports throughout his life. In his later years of training, injuries would stay for longer and in some instances get progressively worse.

After successful treatments from an Osteopath and a Sports Massage therapist he was able to kick the pain relief, prevent further injury and his performance and range of movement got better than ever. It was this experience that made him want to acquire the skills and knowledge to enable him to help others too.

Terry would love your feedback so please leave a review.


Musculoskeletal expert Terry Emery Terry and his boys, Harper and Sherman.
Bulletproof your shoulders An expert in the treatment and prevention of shoulder pain.
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