Terry Emery - Soft Tissue Therapist
Terry Emery - Soft Tissue Therapist

"Terry's understanding of anatomy and his ability to find the root of your problem is amazing! After 10 years of pain, I'm now on the road to recovery. I've now recommended Terry to all my friends and family." Gemma Gilbert, West Bridgford.

Terry Emery is a qualified, knowledgeable and experienced soft tissue therapist delivering service excellence to the people of Nottinghamshire.

He offers soft tissue therapy using evidence based methods, providing effective treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.


Terry's massage treatments are designed not simply to provide therapeutic healing but also to deliver preventitive measures to maintain your well-being and increase your performance levels.

He uses both traditional and modern techniques to provide you with the best in personalised treatment. Our bodies are fantastic complex organic machines that shut down certain areas to prevent continued overuse or damage caused by our work, our hobbies or our lifestyle choices.


The complexity of this human organism has led to the evolution of a variety of approaches to the manual treatment of the soft tissues. Terry's approach is the direct manipulation of the musculoskeletal and myofascial framework. This approach is the special territory of the clinical sports massage and remedial therapist.


His treatment will help your body to start to heal itself. You have probably got accustomed to areas of pain, dysfunction and discomfort and forgotten how good you used to feel. Let Terry help you to maximise your natural potential.

Terry Emery The making of a world champion

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Clinic Appointments available

Deep tissue massage Winging the Scapula to massage Subscapularis and stretch the Rhomboids.
Terry Emery, Tania Cooper Articulation of the spine
Terry Emery stops lower back pain. Member of The institute of Osteopathy

We are open for business during the following times:

Tuesday        14:00-20:00

Wednesday  12:00-20:00

Thursday      12:00-21:00

Friday           15:00-19:00

Saturday       08:00-14:00

Terry Emery Sports Massage Therapist Clinic appointments - Moore Osteopathy 128a Melton Road, West Bridgford, NG2 6EP. Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays. New on Friday's 167 High Rd, Beeston, NG9 5BA
End to back pain with out the use of painkillers Preparations for Ultra marathon - no problem!

About me

Terry Emery Sports Massage Nottingham Osteopathy Terry Emery

I have recently passed my degree in Osteopathy and have a Diploma in Remedial Massage and Diplomas in Soft Tissue Manipulation Parts 1 & 2 from the College of Osteopaths.

I’ve had an interest in training and wellbeing from an early age and I have trained many times a week in various sports throughout my life and was injury free until I hit my forties and then things started to get harder and far more painful.  

After I’d had successful treatments from an osteopath and a Sports Massage therapist I was able to kick the pain relief, prevent further injury and my performance and range of movement got better than ever.


Tania Cooper Terry and his boys, Harper and Sherman.
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