Terry Emery - Soft Tissue Therapist
Terry Emery - Soft Tissue Therapist

             Sports Massage Therapist Nottingham

Institute of Osteopathy Membership number 105696
Sports Massage Therapist in Nottingham Terry Emery



Clinic appointment


90 mins Sports/Remedial Deep Tissue Massage. 



60 mins Sports/Remedial Deep Tissue Massage. 



30 mins Sports/Remedial Deep Tissue Massage. 




Academic and First Aid certification,

Public liability Insurance, Enhanced Background Disclosure and Barring Service Certificate (DBS previously CRB)

All available on request.



What to expect


There will be a consultation to identify areas of concern and then your agreed treatment will commence.


You will need to wear loose fitting clothing and appropriate underwear. 


It is a hand on treatment so some degree of undress is required but towels will be provided for your comfort and dignity throughout.


You will be consulted and informed throughout the treatment to encourage effective two way communication.


Ensuring that you get the treatment that you are happy with and are comfortable with.

Terry Emery, Remedial and Sports Massage Therapist. Nutrition CPD at the West Bridgford Clinic, Mooreosteopathy.
Terry Emery very effective therapy Remove pain at its point of origin

Myofascial massage is one of man's oldest healing methods. Sports massage patients who engage in myofascial soft tissue therapy may also benefit from other forms of non surgical care that aim to control pain and keep muscles and joints warm and loose.


Sports and deep tissue and remedial massage;

Together we will be able to find the best approach to recovering and maintaining your health. Treatments are based on individual therapy programmes which are arranged as you require them.  The following information provides you with an overview of your treatment options

Remedial: get back into shape

Remove knee pain, balance the Quads. Stripping the Ilio tibial band helps to remove knee pain



Whether it's rehabilitation following illness or an operation, or recovery from an accident: I will help you get back to your former self.  Tests and treatments together with an appropriate massage to fix lower and upper backs, shoulders, elbows, hip flexors, knees and much more.

Deep tissue and pressure point therapy with muscle energy techniques. Deep slow strokes intended to work with the soft tissues, melting the resistance to enable improved fluid dynamics, removal of scar tissue and replenish depleted nutrients by increasing blood flow to bunched up muscle fibre and soft tissue. Muscle energy techniques take the muscle to a bind point and the client isometrically contracts.

Sports Massage: recover, maintain, perform.


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